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Amit Khanna
Ace Fashion Photographer

He has won the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Award 2016 for his contribution to fashion photography and was the first Indian photographer to receive this award.

Basic Fashion Photography Course

12 lectures- 2hrs + 1 hr (break) + 2hrs

Day 1: 

  • Introduction to camera and Introduction to lenses and Photography terms
  • Introduction to Photoshop

Day 2:

  • Study of Makeup/Hair and Styling- The basics
  • Composing a shot
  • Skin retouching on Photoshop

Day 3:

  • Indoor Lighting and Beauty Lighting – Beauty shots
  • Outdoor Lighting and Shooting techniques- Outdoor shoot tips

Day 4:

  • Practical of Outdoor Shoot
  • Practical Session of Indoor shoot.

Day 5:

  • Retouching of the Practical Shoot done

Day  6:

  • Q and A
  • Evaluation


Advanced Fashion Photography Course

24 lectures- 2hrs + 1 hr (break) + 2hrs

Day 1:

Lec 1-Introduction to Fashion Photography – Trends/Types

Lec 2- Moods Colors Combinations

Day 2:

Lec 3-Learning Basic Use of Makeup and Hair – Do’s and Don’ts and what combinations to Use

Lec4- Styling techniques, Establishing a look for the shoot

Day 3:

Lec 5- Indoor Lighting for a Fashion Shoot

Lec 6- Planning a concept for Indoor shoot

Day 4:

Lec 7 and Lec 8- Practical Session of Indoor Shoot

Day 5:

Lec 9 and Lec 10 Retouching of the Practical Shoot done

Day  6:

Lec 11-Commerical Shoot- Planning a commercial Shoot

Lec 12- Pre wedding/Maternity shoot- Planning a shoot

Day 7:

Lec 13- Outdoor Lighting techniques

Lec 14- Planning an Outdoor Shoot- Concept

Day 8:

Lec 15and Lec 16 – Outdoor Shoot Practical

Day 9:

Lec 17 and Lec 18 Retouching the outdoor shoot

Day 10:

Lec 19 Photography Terms/Management/commercial understanding

Lec 20 Project Discussion / Portfolio Assignment to be given

(1 week break)

Day 11:

Lec 21 and Lec 22- Discussion of each students portfolio and problem areas

(1 week break)

Day 12:

Lec 23- Evaluation of the Project made and discussion on the same

Lec 24- Placement rounds.

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